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kolla 2 Ò

[ Canine Joint Health & Inflammation Suppression ] 
WokVel Ò
[ Optimal Joint Health & Flexibility ]
 [ Joint Anti-Inflammatory ]

Movement is Essential to Life !

  As we age, our Animal’s Body's ability to make necessary Collagen, Proteins & Glycosaminoglycans Slows Down.
         25 to 30 % of our Dogs suffer with Arthritis. Like people, they are susceptible to different types of Arthritis, although Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease) is the most common type to affect our Canine Companions.
      Inflammation of the lining in the Joints, results in an accumulation of fluid. As the joint lining expands, the adjacent bone becomes damaged, resulting in pain, swelling, and limited movement. Leg Joints are most often  affected.
         Everyday Signs observed by You, Will Tell You if the Degenerative Process has Begun.
                 Difficulty Standing, Getting Up from a Seated Position, or Sitting.
                 Favoring a Leg.
                 Signs of Sore or Stiff Joints.
                   Weight gain ( Caused by Immobility ).

                   Reduced Activity or less interest in Play.
                   Hesitancy to Climb Stairs, Run, or Jump.
                   Sleeping More.

Stages of Joint Degradation
can not be “Diagnostically Confirmed”
until the Degradation has already reached
a X-Ray “Visible” Level.


Joint Degradation Treatment Options

[ Do Nothing ] 
[ NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatories ( NSAIDs ) ]
[ Wait to X-Ray “See” ] 
[ Surgical Procedure ] 
May we suggest ...
GOO Silverä
kolla 2 Ò
WokVel Ò
Joint Inflammation / Pain ?

Can Your Animal’s Wear & Tear Joint DisOrders,

Caused by Biological DeGradation / Progression of Ageing ...
Be Decellerated ?

GOO Silver

kolla 2 Ò

kolla 2 Ò, replenishes the Bodies Supply with the Nutrients /Collagen / Proteins / Glycosaminoglycans 
                          ( GAGs
necessary to Support Cartilage.
kolla 2 Ò A Natural Solution for Canine Joint Care.
kolla 2 Ò is an UnHydrolyzed Chicken Collagen Type II Joint Health Supplement that provides all the 
                        necessary Nutrients to promote Healthy joint Cartiligage. Collegan Type II is the Major component 
                        of Hyaline Joint Cartilage. The Protein content is between 65% to 70% and naturally occurring 
                        Mucopolysaccharides 35%. The Mucopolysaccharides consists of Glucosamine, Chondroitin
                        and Hyaluronic Acid ( Joint Cushion & Lubricant ), the makeup of Synovial Joint Fluids. 
                        They combine with the Protein Amino Acids required to make Collagen Type II Cells.
kolla 2 Ò offers the complete building Blocks for new Cartilage and provides necessary Nutrients to 
                        promote Healthy Joint Cartilage. 
kolla 2 Ò contains all of the Important Bio-Available Components of the Extra-Cellular Matrix, that may 
                         Help Slow Down or Reverse the Degradation Process.
kolla 2 Ò offers significant Anti-Inflammatory / Pain Relief in Connective Tissue.
kolla 2 Ò is substantially more Effective than the "Singular" Supplementation of the Carbohydrates,
                        Glucosamine & Chondroitin.
kolla 2 Ò  Lubricates and Improves Joint Flexibility & Movement.
kolla 2 Ò is Safe, Effective, and Classified as a Food.

[ Optimal Joint Health & Flexibility ]
Joint Anti-Inflammatory ]
WokVel Ò has Direct Anti-Inflammation Joint Action (unlike MSM & Collagen), Clinically proven to
                      address various Joint Health Issues and compares favorably to Non-Steroidal 
                     Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs ).
WokVelÒ Early Ayurvedic Physicians adopted Boswellia because it was perceived to give Elephants 
                     the Longevity & Strength to lead an Active Life.
WokVel Ò Boswellia Serrate, 100% Natural / not Chemically Modified. Readily Absorbed.
WokVel Ò has Health Benefits beyond Joint / Anti-Inflammation; they include GastroIntestinal / 
                         Digestive Health & Respiratory.
WokVel Ò Clinically shown, leads to significant Increase of Joint Flexion & Mobility, and was 
                        Well Tolerated.

GOO Silver JOINT Action

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