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Canine Cognitive Decline
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 ( Magnesium L-Threonate )
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( Optimized Curcumin Extract )
Micro-Algae Omega-3
( DHA 95% & EPA 5% )

Your Animal’s
Brain Age …

Does NOT have to be your Animal’s “ Year Age “

Contemporary Cognitive Research is More & More Discovering
that the Pace of Cognitive Decline caused by the Aging Process...
Can be Decelerated !
( So, Before You Forget J)
May we suggest You Start Your Animal 

GOO Silverä
Start Now !


      With as many Nerve Cells as there are Stars in the Milky Way ( Approx. 100 Billion ), your Dog’s Brain weights in somewhere around 75 G and accounts for 1 / 125 of its total body weight, using up to 20% of its Total Energy Needs.

      The Brain Controls almost everything ( Reminder the GUT = Second Brain ), in the Body, including Operational Functions such as Heart Rate and Muscle contraction. However, its role in your Animal’s Cognitive Processes is its most recognized activity, often Simplified as “ the Ability to Think & Organize Thoughts”.
      As our Animals Age and enter the last third of their lives, they undergo a variety of Physical & Metabolic changes as well as Behavior. Canine Cognitive Decline, which afflicts many of our older dogs is a serious health problem. But while Canine Cognitive Decline is often attributed to an age related deterioration of the Brain, often characterized by Behavioral Changes, Brain Age doesn’t necessarily have to be our Animal’s “Year Age”. And it’s important to realize that the More we Supplement / Nourish / Stimulate / Use / Expect of our Animal’s Brain, the Better it Becomes and its “Perky Status” can also be Maintained over Time. Indeed, contemporary Research is more and more finding that the Cognitive Progressive Decline of Aging can be Decelerated, even Improved at most any time in your Animal’s Life.
      As the PET Parent of a Senior Varsity Animal, You are in Control of How / What you provide to your Animal to Fuel and Run this Cognitive PowerHouse. With proper Use, Nourishment, Care & Knowledge, You have the means for Decreasing / Slowing Down your Animal’s Brain Aging during the Adult Stages of its Life. Allowing your Animal
to stay Younger / Stronger and live a More Vibrant & Healthier Life.


      For Pet Parents, the signs and symptoms of cognitive decline aren’t too difficult to catch. A study by the Animal Behavior Clinic at the University of California, Davis revealed that 33% of Dogs aged 11-12 Years old and 68% of those Aged 15-16 showed one or more signs of Cognitive Decline / Impairment.

      Generally, all of the symptoms of cognitive decline are associated with a noticeable change in your Pet’s Behavior.

Here are some Signs to be watchful for:

v Slow to learn New Tasks.

v Abnormal / Behavior Changes

v DisOrientation / Confusion.

v InAppropriate Urination / Defecation.

v Increased Vocalization.

v Lapses of Memory

v Decreased Activity.

v Restlessness at Night

v Shallow Attentiveness.

v Withdrawal

v Failure to recognize Family / Friends / known Surroundings.

         While it’s easy to chalk some of these signs up to your pet’s natural aging process, Healthy GOO feels that the pace / progression of these symptoms are not inexorable and that measures may be taken to slow down this Cognitive Again Process.
           As your Dog ages, it's important to keep him busy with activities that encourage mental stimulation. While the Brain is technically an Organ, for discussion purposes, it can be viewed as a Muscle, which must be Worked / Exercised or it will Weaken. Engaging your Animal in daily Activity, including Exercise & Play, stimulation with Mental Games / Puzzles are all ways to achieve this ( But be Patient ). In fact, Exercisehas been shown to produce
denser Brains than those who do not. Loss of Brain density and volume becomes more prevalent as we age and is a major factor in mental decline… UnLess ! By engaging your animal is Activities, it will force them to use all of his / her senses. And, as with us humans, an Active Brain is not only Healthier, but more Alert.


Looking beyond Exercise / Daily Activity, We have the same Cornerstones of Health that us Humans must follow:

v Adequate Sleep

v Feed your DOG’s Brain Nutritiously byChoosing healthy Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates to
          fuel their Brain. 

v Adequate Water Intake ( Brain = 85% Water )

But Your Animal’s Brain also needs Supplement / Nourishment beyond the above Measures 

                                                     Brain / NeuroPlasticity

          As Your Animal's Brain Ages, its NeuroTransmitters become Less Effective, and that can Lead to Changes in his Behavior and Capabilities. Brain Plasticity - also known as NeuroPlasticity - is an odd term for most People, with the word "Plastic" causing Images of Tupperware or Saran Wrap to Pop into your Head. But is is a term used to explain the Brain's ability to Reorganize its Neural Pathways based on a new Experience. Brain Plasticity is the Brain's ability to Change at Any Age - Physically, Functionally, and Chemically - throughout Life - for Better or Worse. It is upon this "Ability to Change at Any Age" premise that Healthy GOO has selected its Clinically-Based Cohnitive Ingredients for GOO Silver.

      How the Brain Changes ..

         Often, People think of Puppyhood & Your Dog-hood as a Time of Brain Growth - the young Puppy is constantly learing new things, embarking on new Adventures, showing an Inquisitive and Explorative Spirit. Conversely, Older Senior-hood is often seen as a time of Cognitive Decline, with Animals becoming more forgetful, less inclined to seek new Experiences, more "Set in their Ways".

         But what recent Research has shown is that under the Right Circumstances / Supplementation, the Health & Performance of Brain Plasticity can actually result in our animal's Minds to Grow ! Although certain Brain Machinery tends to Decline with Age, there are Steps People / Pet Parents can take to Tap into Plasticity and Reinvigorate that Machinery.

      Brain Plasticity is a Physical Process. Gray Matter can actually Shrink or Thicken, Neural Connections can be Forged or Refined or Weakened and Severed. Changes in the Physiccal Brain manifest as changes in our Animal's Abilities. For Example, each time our Animal's Learn a New Task, it reflects a change in its Physicial Brain: creating new "Wires" ( Neural Pathways ) that give instructions to their Bodies on how to perform the Task. Each time we / our Animal's forget "Something", it also reflects Brain change - "Neutro Wires " that were once connected to the Memory have been Degraded, or even Severed. As these examples show, Changes in the Brain can result in Improved Skills ( a New Task ) or a Weakening of Skills ( Forgetfullnes ).

       Cognitive Growth & Decline

Neuro Nourishment !

      There are numerous Threats to the Structures and Function of the complex Brain.
         Exercise, Nourishment & Care are required to maintain Peak Cognitive Performance. But it is also
Important to realize that your Animal’s Perception, Reasoning, Problem-Solving, Learning and Remembering all owe their Abstract Abilities to Billions of Nerves, bundled for Maximum performance. Brain Cells are the Heart of the Neuron and connected to their surroundings via Dendrites and Axons. Axons carry Electro Chemical Nerve Transmissions. NeuroTransmitters are Chemical Hormones that help deliver these Messages.
         As we previously compared the Brain to a Muscle that requires Exercise and correct Nourishment, when we talk about NeuroTransmitter’s a comparative example that may be the used is a “ Spark Plug “ as we have in (some) our Gasoline Engines along with its Wiring Bundles. Recent research with Human Dementia more & more indicates that it may be caused by Cross Wiring as well as the DeGradation ( Gunking Up of the Spark Plug Gap i.e. Beta-Amyloid) of these Neurological Synapsis / Transmitters.Decreased neurotransmitter availability, perhaps due to increased enzymatic breakdown and increased free-radical presence may lead to decreased Brain signally and cell damage. Neurofibrillary Tangles have been identified in the Brains of cognitive declining dogs and cats as they have been in humans.Leading many to believe that these conditions may be causative to Cognitive Degradation Issues.

A New Paradigm for Healthy Brain Ageing
Cognitive Enrichment
         Whether it is an increase in the breakdown rate of Neurotransmitters, tangled Neuro Wiring, a build-up of Synaptic Gunk or increased / accumulation of damaging free radicals in the Brain. The exact causes of declining mental function in our older Dogs is only now beginning to be understood. With the advent of technologies such as MRIs and CAT scans, scientists have begun to explore new realms of human Brain research and revise old theories about how the human Brain works. While still evolving, a new Cognitive Paradigm is beginning to emerge for the Human Brain, as well as for our Animal’s !

Key components of the new understanding of the Brain include:

The Brain grows new Neurons.

The old notion that growing new Brain cells was impossiblehas been proven wrong. In a landmark study in 1998, scientists proved conclusivelythat the human Brain grows new Brain cells. Even 70-year-old (and older) Brains produce new neurons and new neural pathways. Important factors in Brain cell growth are exercise and mental stimulation.

Brain regions are Flexible.

Studies have demonstrated that while regions do tend to specialize in dedicated ways, this isnot
absolute. The human Brain is capable of rewiring and reallocating its “real estate” in ways that the old paradigm believed were impossible.

As the Brain ages, functionality may Decline, Maintain, or even Improve.

While it is true that processing speed generally slows with age, one-third of older Brains in one study had functioning characteristics that closely resembled those of younger Brains. Furthermore, certain types of functioning (integrated thinking, flexible problem solving) appear to improve with age.

We can / have an impact on how our Brain Ages.

Perhaps the most profound conclusion in recent years is the notion that there are things we can do to maintain our Brain and potentially protect it from certain types of cognitive decline.

While still evolving, this new Cognitive Paradigm is beginning to Crystalize….

Not only applicable for “ Us Humans” , but to our Canine Friends as well !

         It is based on these currect understnadings of these Neuro Forces, that Healthy GOO  / GOO silver embraces this bew Paradigm for Healthy Brain Ageing and NeuroProtection encompassing Three (3) Primary Aims / Goals:

         1) Reduction of Oxidative Damage
         2) Reduction of Inflammation casued by Genetic PreDisposition & Environmental & Age-Related Stresses
         3) Regulation of Lipid & Protein Aggregates which Accumulate as a result of Ageing, Inflammation &

         Healthy GOO believes that GOO Silver’s Cognitive Ingredients, together with its supporting Ingredients, is an formidable broad-spectrum neuroprotective agent including Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, and Anti-Protein ( Gunk ) aggregation activities, along with a strong Safety profile. Possessing all of these Neuro-Protective Challenges for your Animal ! 
GOO Silverä

Broad-Spectrum Neuro-Protective Cognitive Canine Supplement.

Keep your Senior Varsity Animal in the Game of Life !

Your Dog will Think Clearly with Magteinä

Is your Senior Canine Foggy ?

Accelerate Your Animal’s Mind !

GOO Silver
ä / Magteinä.

        Magteinis a new Magnesium Functional Ingredient that addresses Aging-related Memory Decline 
                                & Cognitive Dysfunction.
        Magteinä or Magnesium L-threonate, is a patented and trademarked Macro Mineral that is the 
                               next Key Compound for reduced Memory Loss and improved Cognitive Health.
       Magteinä   Synapses are the Connections between Brain Cells that create the Brain’s 
                                Communication Network. 
Aging ( if not addressed ) will induce Dysfunction and Loss of 
                                 Synapses, resulting in
significan Memory Loss.   
        Magteinä helps prevent Cognitive Decline by meeting the problem at its Root Cause – 
By Preventing Synapse Loss in the Brain.
       Magnesium is an essential Vial Nutrient / Mineral necessary for proper Functioning of more than
              300 BioChemical Reactions in the Body, most especially, the Brain.
       Today’s Modern Human & Canine Populations are now experiencing a significant Magnesium Deficiency.
       Magteinä A new natural form of Magnesium-based Super-Mineral Compound supports Brain Functionality.
        Magteinä Clinically-Based High Brain Bio-Availability Vs traditional “Oral” Magnesium Compounds.
       Magteinä Clinically Proven to Cross Blood / Brain Barrier.
        Magteinä Clinically-Proven to Maintain Working, Short & Long-Term Memory & Brain Structure Health.
       Magteinä Clinically-Proven to Maintain Health of Neuron Cells, Synaptic Density & increases 
                              Neural Plasticity.
       Magteinä Result of 10-Years Research MIT including a Nobel Prize Laureate.
       Rather than stimulating Neurons on a short term basis, which may or may not be a little “Worn Out”,
             Magteinä maintains a sustained Healthy State of Homeostasis – neither Over-Stimulated nor
       Daily Magteinä Magnesium = Cognitive / Osteoporosis / CardioVascular / Blood Pressure /
              Diabetes / Psychological Events > Health Benefits !
       Magteinä enhances Attention / Memory / Executive Decision & Visual / Spatial Recognition.

Magtein Magnesium l-Threonate
U.S. Patents 8,142,803; 8,163,301 and other pending patents
Magtein™ is a trademark of Magceutics, Inc.
Magtein™ distributed exclusively by AIDP, Inc.
LongVida ®

[ Optimized Curcumin ]

A New Paradigm for Healthy Brain Aging ! 

        LongVida Ò or “Long Life” = Optimized Curcumin.

       LongVida Ò Recent Studies show that Curcumin directly turns on a key gene signal 
                                         involved with
 protection of your nerves so as to boost antioxidant enzymes in 
                                         the brain, and
 prevent NeuroDegeneration. Suggesting that Curcumin offers
                                         protection for a 
wide variety of age-associated nerve problems.

        LongVida Ò The Only Highly BioAvailable (Solubility, Permeability & Stability ) Form of 
                                          “Wonder Compound” Curcumin the Active Ingredient of Turmeric.
        LongVida Ò is an Ideal Broad-Spectrum NeuroProtective Agent.
        LongVida Ò Reduces Oxidation Damage.
         LongVida Ò More than 2 dozen Anti-Inflammatory Compounds, LongVida Reduces 
                                          Inflammation caused by Genetic PreDisposition / Environmental / Age 
                                          Related Stress.

        LongVida Ò Regulates Lipid & Protein Aggregates which Accumulate as a Result of Ageing /
Inflammation & Oxidation.
       LongVida Ò M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s Dept. of Experimental Therapeutics > 
                                       Curcumin has been shown to exhibit Anti-Oxidant / Anti-Inflammatory / Anti-                                       Viral / Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Fungal & Anti-Cancer Activities.

        LongVida Ò  Optimized Curcumin has demonstrated significant potential effect against
               Malingnant Diseases; Diabetes / Allergies / Arthritis / Cognitive Impairment and other
               Chronic Diseases.
        LongVida Ò Clinically-Based Cognitive Enhancer.
       LongVida Ò Possessing Neuro-Protective Properties.
        LongVida Ò Solid Lipid Curcumin Particle ( SLCP ) Technology preserves & protects
                                        LongVide Curcumin from Harsh Environment of Stomach, promoting rapid 
                                         Absorption into BloodStream & 
Target Tissues.
       LongVida Ò Result of 10-year Development UCLA Medical School & Verdure Sciences, 
                                       an Innovative 
Bio-Nutritional Company.
       LongVida Ò 100 Times more BioAvailable than regular Curcumin.
       LongVida Ò A Comprehensive Summary of Curcumin Studies concluded Curcumin appears 
                                       to OutPerform
many Pharmaceuticals in its Effect against several Chronic 
                                       Debilitating Diseases, and does 
so with Virtually No Adverse Side Effects.



LONGVIDA is a registered trademark of Verdure Sciences, Inc. Patents Pending.

Micro-Algae Omega-3
( DHA 95% & EPA 5% )

Source One
Omega-3 = Micro-Algae Oil

Micro-Algae Omega-3  “Raised-on-the-Farm” Chromista Micro-Algae Oil, a
               suitable replacement for Medical Fish Oils, removes fear of
long term
               exposure / accumulation of Trace Pollutants ala Fish or Marine fed

Micro-Algae Omega-3 Omega-3 Fatty Acids which are Vital for Normal
                Metabolism, are neither stored in
appreciable amounts in fat tissue, nor
                synthesized within the body from other
fatty acids. Docosahexaenoic acid 
                or DHA is one of three omega-3 fatty acids
with important health benefits. 
                The others are ( EPA ) Eicosapentanoic Acid
and ( ALA ) Alpha Linolenic

Micro-Algae Omega-3 There is a signiticant difference between MicroAlgae
                Oil and Fish Oil. The Fatty Acids found in Omega-3 are DHA, and EPA.
                Although Fish Oil contains concentrations of both Fatty Acids, MicroAlgae Oil
                Does Not. Omega-3 Supplements made from Commercially Grown Algae are
                typically Rich in DHA ( GOO Silver 95% ) and contain significantly less EPA
                ( 5% ) than Fish Oil. 

Micro-Algae Omega-3 Micro-Algae DHA / EPA Ratios closely mirror Body 
               Tissue Ratios. 

Micro-Algae Omega-3 Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) is an essential Fatty
                Acid, one that your Animal’s Body can not make
on its own. Therefore, DHA
                must come through Diet or from Supplement Oils. But
there is a Catch, DHA
                is also one of the hardest Omega-3s to get from the Diet
alone. And, DHA 
                levels naturally Fall as your Animal Ages .. All adding up to
the need to make
                Omega-3 Supplements a Priority.

Micro-Algae Omega-3 Supports Vision, Heart Health, Cognitive Function,
                Immunity, and the Body’s natural
Anti-Inflammatory Response.

Micro-Algae Omega-3 DHA is the premier Fatty Acid for cognitive function, 
neurotransmission, memory, and the protection, regeneration, 
               and repair of

Micro-Algae Omega-3 Algae-derived DHA is a Brain Food,protecting brain
                tissue from inflammatory damage
It accomplishes this by promoting
                development of ant -inflammatory molecules while
                pro-inflammatory molecules in brain cell membranes. That alone
                powerful protection against oxidative and other stresses that age brain
tissue. DHA promotes healing after injury to brain tissue.Immediately after
                such an injury, cell membranes release DHA in
massive amounts for 
               conversion into compounds called
Protectins.Protectinsare nature's way of 
               maintaining the balance between oxidant damage and recovery. They begin 
               to form at the very first sign of damage at the cellular level, whether from a
               seizure, a stroke, or a traumatic brain injury. Scientists say that DHA-
               derived. Protectins function in a dual manner: they trigger anti-inflammatory
               processes and simultaneously begin the process of injury resolution.
               fast enough and in sufficient
quantities, Protectins may be able to quash widespread
                  brain degeneration, stopping or slowing neurodegenerative diseases.

Micro-Algae Omega-3  DHA-rich Micro-Algaeis a vegetarian source that is
                equally well, if not a better absorbed DHA
than other vegetarian sources of
                essential fatty acids that require additional
steps to make DHA usable.
Micro-Algae Omega-3  The ratio of DHA to EPA is very important. Most Fish
                Oil products contain more EPA
than DHA. Yet MicroAlgae’s DHA dominance
                is present in higher concentrations and
may offer the most direct benefits.

Micro-Algae Omega-3 Omega-3 Fatty Acid may result in lower dosage of 
                 Medications required to Manage Joint
Pain and Improve Mobility in your 
                 Senior Dog

Micro-Algae Omega-3 DHA significantly reduced total Beta-Amyloid ( the
                Gunk in your Animal’s Cognitive
Synapses )—by more than 70 %.

Micro-Algae Omega-3 According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, 
               Omega-3 Fatty Acids help regulate cell division and
growth, transport vitamins
               and minerals into the cells, clot blood, enhance
muscle activity and secrete 
               hormones and digestive fluids.
Other physiological benefits of omega-3 are
               related to cardiovascular health, anti-inflammatory
characteristics and tumor

Omega-3 are thought to play an Important Role in reducing 
                 Inflammation throughout the body - in Blood Vessels, the Joints, and


Micro-Algae Omega-3 DHA is the omega-3 fatty acid that is now widely
                recognized as the physiologically-essential nutrient in the brain
for normal
                functioning of neural tissue (including cognitive performance,
learning ability,
                memory, etc) and in the retina of the eye for visual acuity.
Almost all the
                omega-3 fatty acid found in brain tissue, where it is required
for structure-
                function relationships, is in the form of DHA with other omega-3
fatty acids 
                such as ALA being found only in trace amounts regardless of dietary
                of ALA.

Micro-Algae Omega-3 EPA reduces Cellular and Neuro Inflammation.



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